Design House

Where the Magic of Creativity and Innovation Come Together

We at The Armana Group use life and our surroundings to draw inspiration and make casual fashion not just creative but also refreshing and rejuvenating.

We experiment with product development allowing us to push the boundaries of creation to come up with unique and fresh fashion. This led us to visualize and create our own in-house brand – ROOKIES.

ROOKIES is a perfect fit for people who want to demonstrate to the world their style with confidence. It’s distinct attitude envelopes you with confidence each time you don it!

Designing Our Way to Global Fashion:

Armana Design House breaks away from the conventional to create innovative denim apparel that ensure the perfect brand image. Our expertise and acumen allow us to offer reliable partnerships to global brands as we design and develop denim apparels and innovative trims across categories, from men and boys to women and girls.

We source superior quality fabrics from Europe, India, the Far East and Brazil and our style and trims are unique, giving us a competitive edge over the competition.

Our Design House uses research and development to create new techniques in washing as well.

Our comprehensive design studio showcases our latest collections to existing and prospective clients allowing them to see for themselves the plethora of specialties we offer. Additionally, our design team offers suggestions and recommendations to the buyers, assisting them in making informed decisions.

Product Range

Armana Design House visualizes and creates apparel to suit modern lifestyle requirements. Our passion to excel ensures we have a comprehensive range of products.

  • 5-pocket denim jeans
  • Cargo pants and shorts
  • 5-pocket twills
  • Shirts
  • Chinos
  • Shorts
  • T-shirts
  • Polos

Our style and trims are novel and unique, and this gives us a competitive edge we are extremely proud of.